Online Advertising

Online adverts are a form of advertising that appears on the Internet - i.e. they appear online! These adverts are a specialist form of advertising and can serve both static and interactive uses. So, for example, a static advert simply works like a standard advert in that it gives/show a message and has a call to action. An interactive online advert gives/shows the message but the viewer can use the advert itself (usually by clicking on it) to move to the next stage.

Since the early days of online advertising this sector has moved on and there are now multiple ways that an individual or business can advertise over the Internet either via email or via web pages. The most popular ways of doing this include:

Given the technology in use with online advertising many people that want to use this form of advertising will use a independent specialist agency to help create and place their adverts. In some cases sites that sell these kinds of advertising on their own web sites will help with the design and creation of adverts for advertisers.

In general terms there are various ways that advertisers pay to have adverts appear on the Internet. They may, for example, pay on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) basis where they pay per 1000 impressions. Or, they may pay on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis where they pay for every user that clicks on an advert that leads to their website. And, they may pay on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis where they only pay if a visitor uses the advert to access their site and then buys or does something specific.